Friday, September 9, 2016

The Challenge Dash Recap

I love virtual races, and my favorites are the ones put on by FitFam.  The Challenge Dash was the third and final race of their Summer Series that I signed up for.  This race had some great sponsors, and was donating part of the proceeds to the Challenged Athletes Foundation.  Of course, one of the great things about FitFam's races, is the swag:

My favorite part though, is the community.  They make a Facebook group for each event, and it's so fun to see the posts and pictures from all the participants.  It gives it a great community feel.  They also have photo contests with each race, which the kiddos and I always have fun with!  
When it came to actually running this virtual race, I didn't have the kids join me until the end.  I ran the 10k race as part of my weekend long run, so that would have been way too much for their poor little legs.  (Let's be might have been too much for my poor no-so-little legs!)  Since the half marathon I'm training for has a lot of hills (or so I'm told), I decided to run on a relative hilly trail for this race.  I had no idea what I was getting into haha!  There were certainly some hills!  Several were steep enough that they had signs up warning people about the grade.  Eek!  Well, I survived, but my time was a little slower for sure.  I finished in 1:31;55 but I certainly wasn't pushing myself as much as I could have.  Although I still feel like I earned this medal:

When I was done, the kids joined me with their virtual swag.  I can't even tell you how excited they were to have their own bibs and medals!  So of course we had to pose a bit.

And of course do some running!  Can you tell they watched a lot of the Olympics?

The small one and I got left in the dust though ;)

The kids wore their swag for the rest of the day...well until they ripped at least ;)  Although the next day when it was time for the little one and I to head out on our Monday run, she insisted on wearing her bib and medal.  We were going running after all!  So of course I complied.  Then she went and fell asleep with about a quarter of a mile to go.  Sigh.  So I sat in the shade at the park while she napped a bit.  At lease I know she's always up for going on a run with me!

Have you ever done a virtual race?  Which ones?

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