Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Reindeer Run Recap

I got to run a local 5k not too long ago.  It was just a small, informal race, and I even convinced a couple of non running friends to join me!  We, of course, had to dress the part.

I made myself the world's fluffiest tutu.  I had ordered a sparkly skirt on Black Friday, but due to our postal system, it got lost.  And when a new one got shipped out, it was totally delayed!  So, armed with an excessive amount of tulle, I made myself a tutu.  

I have to admit, it turned out pretty fabulous.

I certainly stood out!  I also got a ton of compliments, so I guess it was a hit?  The night before the race, we got a ton of snow.  Thankfully there were volunteers out there bright and early (well, actually dark and early.  It is winter after all!) clearing the trails for us, so it wasn't too bad.  Mostly

  The views were pretty amazing too!

The temps were well under 20 degrees though, so afterwards we warmed up with a little coffee.  And a bagel...because you gotta refuel, right?!

This race didn't have any finisher medals, but we did get a pretty fun glass which I filled full of Nuun!

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