Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Sweetheart Run Recap

Another FitFam race in the books!  These last couple of races have been tough for me, mainly on my pride!  See, I'm in the middle of another half marathon training cycle, and it is very, very specific.  So running a 5k as fast as I can?  Not happening.  I love these races so much though! So I'm going keep doing them, just at a slower pace.  
February's race, The Sweetheart Run, was all about love...after all, Valentine's Day!  So the swag arrived full of lovey goodness.  And, as usual, amazing quality!  My kids keep trying to eat my candy though ;)

I set out with my kids to do this run together, but as we were heading out the door, I realized that my Garmin was almost dead!  Oops!  We had fun anyway, and of course took some photos.  Although it sooo cold out, we ended up cutting it short.

Since I didn't manage to track the miles, I ended up using the first three miles of my long run on Valentine's Day.  Which sadly meant they were slower, but I did run in my sparkly skirt, so that makes up for it, right?!  It doesn't matter how slow you go...just go!  And of course look fabulous while doing it ;)

My final time was 57:05, which puts me just over an 18 min mile. Keeping my heart rate under 140 means I'm running slower than I used to, but I've seen constant improvements over the last 6 weeks since I started my training (I started at a 22 min mile!) and I feel amazing.  And no knee problems!  So I'm calling it a win.  I look forward to seeing how my time for the Pie Day 5k next month compares!  (If you want to join my team, "Huckleberry Pi" for the Pie Day 5k, follow this link for 20% off!)

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