Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Love Earth Run Recap

This past week, I got to run another of FitFam's races.  As usual, it was a blast!  It started with getting my swag package in the mail.  The two year old loves to get the mail with me, and she was pretty excited to see the FitFam logo...she knew there was a new medal inside!

Since this race was all about nature, it came with a little seed bomb, which we decided would make a great Earth Day activity.

The kids have been checking it every day to see if the seeds have sprouted yet, they didn't really listen when I told them it'd be a while.  

When Earth Day rolled around, we had planned on going to our local library for some events they had planned, including a 1 mile fun run for kids.  My six year old was the only one who wanted to do it, but then when she found out that she'd be running it by herself, she decided she'd rather just run a mile with me at home.  Which I was totally fine with!  I wasn't a huge fan of her participating in a race that parents couldn't be a part of.  I get why they'd make that a rule, but it still made me uneasy to let my 6 year old run off in a race without me there.  So, the girls and I got all dressed up, and headed out to a local trail to run our mile.

Our matching sparkle skirts definitely got some attention!  But we had fun!  My plan had been to go out for a mile with the girls (about all they can do right now) and then finish up my 5k on my own, but the sun was out and it was such a gorgeous day, we decided to go hiking instead.  

We hiked about 2.5 miles, so we definitely fished up our 5k. Which of course meant I had to take another medal seflie ;)

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