Monday, April 3, 2017

Weekend Running

Well, we all seem to be over our sickness, so the first chance I had to go running, I took it!  Sunday morning came, I was feeling good, the sun was shining and I was ready to go.  Then the two year old woke up and excitedly asked if she could come running with me. I couldn't tell her no!  Then as I was getting her ready, her big sister asked if she could come too.  So, out we went, to run in the sunshine! 

Running with these two means not really running.  Well, some running, some skipping, some walking, some stopping to pick up rocks and some stopping to say "hi" to all the dogs.  But at least we look fabulous doing it.  My 6 year old was soooo excited to by "super matchy" with her running clothes today, so we had to take a picture.

These troopers made it about a mile and half though, which was a great way to start the day!  I dropped them off back at home and headed out for a little while longer on my own.  Looking back at my cadence, you can definitely see when that happened! (yes, I know my cadence is much lower than the suggested 180, but I'm a slow runner!)

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