Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Pi Day 5k Recap

Because when the date is 3/14...you run 3.14 miles!  A couple of weeks ago I made the little girls and I some sparkle skirts, and this 5k was the perfect time to try them out! My kids get so excited about running with me, it's pretty much the cutest thing ever.  And the swag packs from FitFam?  Their favorite.  So every month when I do one of their virtual races, they get to join me.  And by "join me" I mean they dress up and run around the block with me for about a mile before they're ready to go home.  I then finish up by myself ;)  Nevertheless, we all love it.  So last night we got out outfits all ready to go.

Of course by the time we were able to go on our run, the rain clouds were rolling in.  Since it was about to rain, we decided to just head into the backyard to run laps for a while.  And of course take pictures ;)

We definitely had TONS of fun!  The rain held out for a little while, so we had plenty of time to "race" back and forth across the yard.  My 10 year old even joined us for a few ;)

I headed out later on my own to run the 5k.  I headed out in the wind and the rain, and I've gotta admit, it was cold!  I finished up, at my slow and steady pace though and now all I need to do is find a space for my new medal!

My final time came in at 1:03:08, slower than I had hoped, but considering the wind and the rain I'm proud of my effort.  

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